Parking Information 

As you are all well aware, parking in and around the Athletic Campus has become extremely limited due to the construction projects taking place in the area. With the start of the Ice Hockey season at Yost, there will be some new challenges that will require patience and understanding as we work to accommodate everyone's parking needs to the best of our ability. Attached is a map showing the areas of the lot and how they will be designated on weekdays when there are home Hockey games, and below are some notes about what you can expect and how parking will be handled: 
•Park-Rite attendants will be in the Athletic Campus parking lot beginning at 7:00am to monitor the designated Hockey Club areas as well as parking along the west side and at the south end of Yost. They will be at both entrances to the lot beginning at 8:00am to assist parkers in finding open spots and re-directing them elsewhere as necessary. 
•Parking along the west side and at the south end of Yost will be reserved for Football and Ice Hockey team members and student-athletes, as well as anyone else with a reserved spot in this area. All others will be directed to park elsewhere in the lot. 
•The designated Club and ADA parking areas (see map) will be open for anyone with the Athletic Campus Parking Lot permit throughout the day but these areas must be cleared of all vehicles by 5:00pm.  
             Please note that the designated Club area near the west end of the outdoor track has expanded all the way to the Field Hockey trailer in order to make up for the spots lost to construction and also to accommodate any Hockey team members/student-athletes who are not able to find parking closer to Yost.  
            Park-Rite will begin monitoring the ADA spots along the outdoor track in the early afternoon and ensuring that all those parking in this area will be gone by 5:00pm. 
•The Red Lot may be used by anyone for overflow parking when the Athletic Campus Parking Lot is full. 
•Please remember that the lot at Revelli Hall off of Hoover (SC37) is NOT a part of the Athletic Campus Parking Lot and requires a different parking pass. There is a good chance you will be ticketed if you park in this lot without the necessary permit. 
 •Here are the dates of all weeknight Ice Hockey games between now and the end of December for which this plan will be in place:Add Content...