Club Wolverine Diving


Parent Guidelines

We begin with some general parent rules that comply with U of M policies and our own team policies for practice time:


I. Practice Rules:

#1: “Parents May Not Sit on Pool Deck”

During diving practices, parents may sit in the bleacher area and watch the lesson. To keep the privilege of entering the pool via pool deck, please respect that you may not at any time during practice sit on the pool deck. This includes the start or finish of practice. Should parents need to use the restrooms, they can use the restrooms in the lobby at the front of the building. If parents need to speak to a coach, they may make an appointment with the coach at an arranged time.

#2: No Distractions.”

To ensure the safety and concentration of the divers we please ask that you do not interrupt workouts by communicating with divers during practice with the exception of emergency. Diving is a sport that takes focus and hard work and divers need to be tuned into their coach as well as their surroundings. Any distractions could lead to potential accidents.

#3: “Please Arrive on Time”

Arriving on time lessens distractions and stress upon the diver and the group as a whole. If you do arrive late, coaches need to know ahead of time and need reason for late arrival. Attendance will be taken everyday. If need be, carpools lessen the burden of long commutes and we have many teammates that would be more than happy to help.


We ask that parents do not cross the line into coaching the divers. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Athletes may become injured. Our diving coaches are USA Diving licensed and through the study of the sport we have a trained eye into which actions are potentially dangerous and which ones are safe. Any coaching tip from someone other than us could put the athlete in danger.

  2. Athletes may become over-coached and “burnt out” . Athletes can only take so much criticism at one time. If the athlete is being coached on the pool deck and then on the way home from the pool, the dinner table, and the breakfast table you run the risk of overwhelming the athlete and dulling their ability to respond to instruction during practices and competitions.

  3. Athletes may begin to lose trust in their coach” It is imperative that in a sport that regularly deals with fear based obstacles that the coach and athlete have a trusting relationship. Children are very sensitive to what their parents say to/around them. If the parent has conflicts with the coach either with coaching methods or strategies they should make an appointment with the coach to discuss any questions or thoughts on the topic.

Any attempts to directly or indirectly coach a CWD diver by the parent at home or at the pool is unacceptable and may involve the coach stopping the diving practice to let the parent know that their behavior is out of bounds. This club rule is non negotiable.

If you have any concerns about this or our other parent rules, please contact Gabby Han to arrange an appointment at Thank you.


Other Parent Tips:

Here are some other guidelines that you can follow to greatly improve your child’s performance and development:

Encourage your child in a positive way.

-Interest and enthusiasm go a long way in improving performance.

Do not criticize coaches, officials, other divers, or other diving parents in front of your child.

-Save that for arranged meetings with the parties involved.

Do not fall prey to the “comparing game:”

-No two athletes are alike physically or mentally. Everyone has their own struggles and their own strengths to overcome and embrace. Club Wolverine coaches work hard to promote inner motivation from our divers and encourage them to strive to be the best they can be.

Proper Fueling

- You would be surprised how much athletes need to eat. Please avoid sugary drinks/candy/desserts and greasy food before practice or competition. These foods increase inflammation which is hard on athletes already tired, sore muscles. Balanced meals and healthy snacks go a long way in helping your diver maintain both the physical and emotional energy to get through tough practices.

Communication with the Coaches:

  • Coaches are available via e-mail. Please do not expect any of the coaches to remember something you said/ asked about yesterday or even that same day. If you need something, email is the best way to get a response quickly.

  • After practice can be a hectic and chaotic time. Although we are happy to talk, please know that if you need to discuss an important issue that will need the coaches full attention, please email the coach to set up a time to talk.

  • Please do not start conversations during an event or practice. These are the least likely times that the coach can give you your due attention.

  • Any misunderstanding or problem should be addressed early on before it turns into a more serious problem.


Please note that memberships are paid monthly but are structured as a yearly membership. Occasionally your practices will get cancelled or relocated due to a variety of factors outside of our control.  Because of the nature of our sport having very high overhead with very little margins we appreciate your consideration, accommodation, and understanding in this matter. Club Wolverine Diving will not be able to issue refunds and make-up practices are at the discretion of the Program Director and Head Coach.  All changes to billing or schedules must be completed through this website before the first of the month in order for those changes to take place for that month.

Families with more than one diver in the program can receive 10% off of their second child’s total cost. A family with more than two divers in the program will receive 20% off their second and third child’s total cost.

Meet Fee's

Club Wolverine Meet Coaching Fee: The following fee will be collected by Gabby Han prior to competition.

 $10/meet for Michigan Diving Association, JO and FC events.

$30 for out of state USADiving or AAU competitions

TBD: USD Junior Regional, Zone, and National competitions (Depends on the number of divers attending the meet)  You will be emailed beforehand what the coaching fee's will be. 

Vacations, Breaks, Time-Off

If you are thinking about taking a break, you must have prior approval from the Head Coach, Gabby Han. You may continue to pay for your spot and it will be held for you. However, if you do not discuss this with the head coach, there may not be a spot available to you when you return.

Divers will be billed monthly, regardless of whether or not they attend practice regularly. Vacation, breaks, illness, injury, etc…You will still be responsible for the full month of training fees for your spot on the team to be held. 

Refunds/Late Payments

Refunds can be made minus a $7.00 charge that is charged to CWDiving to make the refund.

Your first late payment will be forgiven, however if you fail to make an online paymnent before the end of the month, you will be charged a $30 fee.  


Athlete Code of Conduct

Divers Role:

1. All divers are required to follow all of the rules of OU and the Rec. building, as well as Club Wolverine Diving rules.

2. It is expected that all divers respect ALL coaches on the coaching staff, as well as fellow divers.

3. Divers exhibiting poor behavior or bad attitudes will be asked to leave practice.

4. Repeated attitude or behavior problems will result in removal from the program.

5. Divers are expected to attend all scheduled practices.

6. Please let the head coach know if you will be missing a practice and the reason for your absence.

7. Tardiness is not acceptable. If you are late to practice, you must let the coaches know why you were late.

8. The diver is responsible for all communication with the head coach or coaching staff. Any questions, conflicts, injuries, should be discussed between the coach and the diver.

9. The diver is not to learn any new dives on their own or with any other diving program.

10. The diver must receive permission to dive with any other coach or program. 1

11. A diver may not decide what dives they will be competing at a competition. The coach will make those decisions.